Virtual PBX:
Know how many dials & minutes each sales manager does per day

Record and analyze every phone call to
measure the success of your agents

Virtual PBX: Know how many dials & minutes each sales manager does per day
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Incoming Call Routing
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Missed Call Notifications

A single provider of telephone
services in every country your
business has a presence

Control all phone services in one window

Display local numbers in the countries you do business in. Regardless of your actual location, create full-fledged virtual offices and be 'local' to any region.

Call Recording

  • Monitor the performance of your employees
  • Analyze the needs of your customers
  • Boost conversions with automatic call tagging
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A client of ours in the automotive industry has used Smart Tag to split incoming calls between car buyers, and those who called to schedule a car service. As a result, they understood an accurate, actionable number of purchase requests. This allowed them to optimize their ad budget and increase the number of leads. Prior to that, the company had a gap between marketers and sales specialists.

Cloud Virtual PBX advantages

  • You can significantly reduce the cost of your telephone services and reduce hardware support costs
  • You can receive calls through our computer software or through a mobile app
  • Most importantly, you’ll have very strong configuration flexibility. Create absolutely any script!
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You don’t need a person to come
in and set up something new, you just
go to your account, and in two clicks
you bring in a new virtual employee!

with your
CRM system

  • Calls are added to the client’s profile in real time
  • You get advanced call statistics and analytics
  • Customer info is displayed automatically during the call


  • Track the number of missed calls
  • Increase your employees’ speed of answering calls
  • Receive real-time callback statistics
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Our clients

Over the long history of our work, many companies in various industries have become our clients, including such from the Automotive as BMW, Volvo and Range Rover. We hope to become a reliable partner for your business as well.


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